Sue Mah
As an award-winning Registered Dietitian and chef’s daughter, Sue has a natural passion for delicious, wholesome food. She is a nutrition entrepreneur and Founder/Co-Founder of 3 consulting firms specializing in communications and training: Nutrition Solutions Inc., Nutrition for NON-Nutritionists, and Media Training Boot Camp. Sue charms audiences with her inspiring nutrition advice and has appeared in hundreds of TV interviews. She is a go-to dietitian for CBC, CTV Your Morning and BT Toronto.

Exploring Our Love Languages and Finding Support

I’m a dietitian. And my favourite food is chicken wings. Yes, chicken wings. But not just any chicken wings – my Dad’s homemade, succulent, soy-sauce infused, finger-licking, roll-up-your-sleeves and get-ready-to-dig-in chicken wings. Let me explain. My Dad is a Chinese chef and thrives on cooking for others. Though a man of very few words, Dad […]


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