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Good and Bad Stress: A Guide to Taming the Beast

Everything is good in moderation, and believe it or not that includes stress. We all have this fight or flight mechanism hard-wired into our nervous systems, and it can save our lives. It’s that automatic reaction that enables you jump out of the way of a moving car. In our bodies we experience a sharp […]

Box Breathing for Stress and Anxiety

The present moment is all we will ever have – Eckhart Tolle. This box breathing technique is used by yogis, Navy Seals, police, first responders, and high performance athletes to calm the breath and focus the mind because it is such a powerful stress reliever. Box breathing is a simple technique that you can do […]

Have You Filled Your Joy Quota Lately?

Early last year, I was having a particularly hard time dealing with the stress and demands of my entrepreneurial life and, let’s face it, adult life. I meditate and practice yoga daily so I did have those acts of self-care to get me through but it wasn’t enough. It was winter and I was feeling […]

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