Keynotes & Panels


Four-time Olympic medalist Silken Laumann has spent a lifetime chasing dreams, overcoming obstacles and meeting challenges head on. An Olympian favored to win gold, her hopes of Olympic gold were dashed when ten weeks before the Olympic Games in Barcelona, she was struck by another boat, crushing her leg and shredding her muscles. The remarkable ending to that story was the beginning of many others, as she has built successful social enterprises, written best-selling books, and continued to support others in their journeys to live their life fully. Silken has found the courage to overcome her fears, embrace change and build resilience on her way to building a magical life; let her inspire you to find your own magic. Silken’s authentic voice and loving energy will lift you, make you think, laugh and feel more hopeful about your own ability to meet life head on. Silken is available for keynotes with a portion of proceeds going back to the Unsinkable organization. Please reach out to Christine Bays at christine@weareunsinkable.com to discuss having Silken keynote your event.


Unsinkable offers panels for workplaces, schools, and events. Work with the Unsinkable team of storytellers, ambassadors and health experts to design a panel that will educate your audience while empowering them to make connections and changes in their own lives. Please reach out to Michelle Archer at michelle@weareunsinkable.com to discuss building an Unsinkable panel or event.