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When mental illness isn’t trauma based: Ryan’s path to wellness

My name is Ryan Forsyth. I’m a mental health speaker and advocate, the host of the Life in Red Podcast and I work in radio promotions, doing marketing, contests and events in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I describe myself as a music geek, sports fanatic and endlessly curious. I also live with a mental illness, struggling […]

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Feast on Your Life

My favourite Derek Walcott poem, “Love After Love”, beautifully directs us at the end to, “Sit. Feast on your life.” The word feast really strikes the core of what I believe: life is not meant to be gingerly tasted; it is not meant to be nibbled on, or meted out with restraint. Life is meant […]


Knowing and Owning Your Story: A Conversation with Kelly Scanlan

The following is a piece written by Unsinkable’s Jody Carrow from her interview with Kelly Scanlan   Kelly Scanlan’s love for her country and community has taken her as far afield as Afghanistan where she served as soldier, as close as her hometown of Mississauga, Ontario where she now serves as a full time firefighter, […]

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