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TW: MH. This story has discussion around gender-based violence. We invite our community members to read our Unsinkable story if it’s the right time for them 💛



Our society loves to put people in boxes. We all grew up in a society full of stereotypes such as “Women should stay at home and take of children”, “You are a woman you can’t do this; you can’t act that way…”, “Women don’t need to work because they are supported by their husbands” and much more! I never adhered to any of those statements or ideas, I was always in the defense side saying “Women and men are equal, we have the same rights!”. In fact, since I was a child, I have always been the different one, I would always speak up about the things I didn’t like and would always try to find solutions towards it. This shaped me today into a person that loves arguing and that loves debates and advocacy. I truly believed that women and girls deserved to live in a better world, they deserve better treatment, better education…. Besides, the fact that everyday women are experiencing all forms of violence, girls are getting married before the age of 18, and women are not allowed to make decisions concerning their bodies, was unacceptable for me.

I knew that there were a lot of girls out there, who have a great potential, who have so many dreams and goals in life, but the stereotypes of society were a barrier and a blockage for them. I really wanted to support and help women and girls take greater control of their life and gain inclusion in decision-making processes.

Inside of me, there was this little voice that told me “Eya, you need to act, you need to make a difference today…”. But I just didn’t know what to do and where to start. Later on, during this pandemic, every day I heard about women being abused, beaten and even killed by their husbands. It was shocking for me; I was aware that this situation can’t last any longer. I remember that that night, I couldn’t sleep, my mind was wandering and I was thinking for the first time about “what to do?” and not “how to do?”.

Fortunately, an idea occurred to me. I decided to act on my own scale and start an NGO “Regain The Rights” with a mission to empower women + children and advocate for their rights. I aim to achieve a world in which women and children are protected from all kinds of violence. A world in which they determine the course of their lives and thrive within their communities.

I believe that everything starts with(in) us and the possibilities exponentially grow when a group of likeminded people gather and merge their potential to imagine, impact and inspire change.

For this reason, I started the one and only girl up club in Bahrain.

Today, I am raising my voice in the name of all girls to make change and advocate for women’s rights around the world by supporting gender equality, girls’ access to quality education and women empowerment. I stand for equity and justice and I am proud to fight every day to assert our rights and perhaps become an inspiration for future generations to build a better society.

Apart from my social and impactful work; as a young teenage girl, I was passionate about personal development and positivity since my childhood. So, I decided to take advantage of the sanitary conditions and to mobilize all my knowledge, skills, and talents into benefiting the whole world. Being a dynamic, creative, dedicated, and determined person, my mission is to help others achieve their dreams, believe in themselves, find their true selves, find motivation, happiness, and inspiration on their path to success.

Today at the age of 15, I am a certified happiness coach, motivational speaker, blogger, author, entrepreneur, junior journalist and activist.

How is my life now? Common question. My life completely changed and I also changed. Looking back now at my life and personality, I find that it has taken a 180-degree shore. Buried somewhere inside me, there was an untapped source of gifts that was unknown, untouched, unused. An unsuspected gold mine, a pearl that I had to extract. But how do I handle all of these tasks and positions right? Simple answer. I manage my time. I wake up earlier, work more, sleep less, go out with my friends less, barely watch Netflix… I didn’t count these things as challenges even, my biggest challenge was overcoming procrastination, I would say. Reading this now, you might be thinking that I am suffering. If this is the case, then let me stop you there.

I have never regretted getting into this journey. Yes, of course, there are some tough times and a lot of responsibilities but as Marc Anthony once said “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life”. I have a dream in mind, so I have to do my maximum to make it come true. I want the world one day to remember by name for the change and the impact I have made in it.

If there is one thing that I want you to remember from this story it’s that you can also be the voice of change.

You can also raise your voice in the name of all girls and women to end domestic violence and abuse, break barriers, to make change and advocate for women’s rights all around the world. Also, always remember that if you have a dream, do your best to achieve it. Every goal is worth working hard for and living it. Today, decide to change your vision of things and be the change you wish to see in this world!


Support Resources: Canadian Women’s Foundation and United Nations Population Fund – Gender Based Violence


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