Healing Through Art

At age 14, I first became ill. I heard voices over a course of 9 months. I became extremely disoriented and withdrew into my own world, thinking

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Day 11 of Quarantine

Honestly, the first nine days if quarantine were an emotional roller coaster. There I am, standing in the middle of the living room scanning the room, a confused look on my face, completely forgetting what I was looking for. Day three, lying in bed, heart racing as I wonder if the world was really ending, if my kids were safe,

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Remembering a Lost Loved One: Like Kissing a Scar

Many of us have experienced an event that so dissects our lives that we measure time in terms of “before it happened” and “after it happened.” For us, that event occurred in the pre-dawn hours of May 11, 2015, when our little family’s perfect snow globe of a world was pitched to the humid floor of a Caribbean hotel and shattered forever.

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