This Winter, Unsinkable is honoured to be be partnering with Twentytwenty Arts (Founded by Unsinkable ambassador Megan Kee) for Life on the Line. Life on the Line is a public art project and mental health awareness campaign using art to raise funds for mental health support. Ten Ontario-based artists will be sharing their artwork and stories on Unsinkable every week until January 2021. […]

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Being an activist, day by day

As a 17-year-old gender activist from Istanbul, my journey started two years ago when my 7-year-old brother once told me that I was lucky because I just simply could get married and I didn’t have to work after. That was probably the moment when I apprehended who I was going to be, I had to […]

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Surviving a loss by suicide: A mother and daughters story of mental health struggles and healing after a loss by suicide

It will be 6 years this October, since I found my mother’s lifeless body in her home in her stair well. I had been here before with her, but she was always okay. This time was different. This time she didn’t’ come to the door, this time she didn’t go to the hospital, this would be her […]

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Muckle-Wells Syndrome: I’ll never know for sure, but I think my daughter saved my life

I have a rare genetic disorder. It’s actually not that uncommon to have a rare disorder. In fact, over 8000 disorders have been identified and the Canadian Organization for Rare Disorders estimates that 1 in 12 Canadians are affected. Most of these people are misdiagnosed and many of them suffer as a result. Their families […]


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