From me to you: depression has no specific look

I sat and really thought, how could I have saved you? Was there anything I could have done differently to help you then and now? I searched my memories for specific experiences from which I could advise on alternate reactions, behaviours, thoughts and self-talk. Yet, still looking back now, I realize now it did not matter […]

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Remember the Chocolate

As a mental health educator/advocate, inspirational speaker and writer, I often speak to groups including youth, teachers, service providers etc. At the beginning of every presentation I give them chocolate – I mean, what better way to get their attention? But there is a message that goes along with this. They knew they were coming […]

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How I Found Beauty in the Wreckage

November 3, 1993 We’d finished off a few pounds of Gordie Howitzer’s Elbows (or “chicken wings” for the uninitiated). Estelle wandered by, checking the status of our pints. Homer’s glass was near empty and he nodded for a refill of whatever watered-down near-beer he was drinking. I confirmed my request for a fresh pint of Guinness and we waded […]

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“CASUAL” zine: Triumphs, Challenges, and Lessons

When I was 11 years old I watched the movie The Intern and was instantly in awe of Anne Hathaway’s dominant character, Jules Ostin. At her startup fashion ecommerce site, Jules served as a young female CEO who was both creative and authoritative; both driven and overlooked. Her character really struck me, and from that […]

Leading with Empathy: Abigayle Peterson

The biggest problem I see in our society is a lack of empathy for one another. From racial injustice to those struggling in silence amidst COVID-19, today’s generation must rise above as catalysts for change who lead with compassion for the unseen. Bebe Moore Campbell, award-winning journalist, a New York Times best-selling author, teacher, and […]


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