My name’s Monique, and I’m the founder of the BE FREE Movement (Black Engaged Fundamental Racial Equity Everyday). We consist of current students, alumni, adjunct faculty, professor emeritus, and other affiliates of CSU Sacramento. We are writing to introduce to you BE FREE; Black Engaged Fundamental Racial Equity Everyday. We represent many ​past and present […]


I Never Knew What Bravery Was Until I Saw It In My Sister

Written and submitted by her sister Micheline Rae Rochelle’s world was turned upside down Good Friday, 2019 when she had a seizure while driving. Feeling dizzy and confused, her vision blurred. The last thing she remembered was swerving up the ramp on a road. Her next memory was waking up in the hospital. She was examined, released […]

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How I Found Beauty in the Wreckage

November 3, 1993 We’d finished off a few pounds of Gordie Howitzer’s Elbows (or “chicken wings” for the uninitiated). Estelle wandered by, checking the status of our pints. Homer’s glass was near empty and he nodded for a refill of whatever watered-down near-beer he was drinking. I confirmed my request for a fresh pint of Guinness and we waded […]

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Knowledge Is Power

We are in an era of change. It doesn’t matter if you’re for it or not, it’s happening. I’m a Black girl who’s been in predominantly white spaces my entire life. I can count the number of Black friends on one hand. When it comes to school, especially history class I’ve only been taught about […]

Working Towards a World Free From Slavery

My name is Ishaan Shah and I am a 17-year-old student from the UK. I am also an award-winning, international human rights activist, conservationist, feminist, blogger and writer. Towards the end of 2016, I watched a documentary about slavery and human trafficking, focusing on the exploitation of children for labour, and sex. I was shocked, […]

Black Trauma

I think it is very important that we highlight the trauma that Black people of all ages experience as a result of systemic anti-Black racism. This poem talks about the different experiences and perspectives that are impacted by this issue. As opposed to an angry perspective that we often see (and rightfully so) recent events […]


Healing Through Art

At age 14, I first became ill. I heard voices over a course of 9 months. I became extremely disoriented and withdrew into my own world, thinking students and my parents were plotting against me. Taken to hospital, I was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia. I was in and out of hospital throughout high school. I […]

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