The Girl in the Mirror

She was coaxed with a voice sweet as honey and words wonderfully captivating. Just like that, she followed it down the endless black hole of doubt and hatred towards her own body. Sometimes it is like her savior, lending her a hand and pulling her up when she falls on her perfectionist ways. Sometimes it […]

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Surviving a loss by suicide: A mother and daughters story of mental health struggles and healing after a loss by suicide

It will be 6 years this October, since I found my mother’s lifeless body in her home in her stair well. I had been here before with her, but she was always okay. This time was different. This time she didn’t’ come to the door, this time she didn’t go to the hospital, this would be her […]

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My name’s Monique, and I’m the founder of the BE FREE Movement (Black Engaged Fundamental Racial Equity Everyday). We consist of current students, alumni, adjunct faculty, professor emeritus, and other affiliates of CSU Sacramento. We are writing to introduce to you BE FREE; Black Engaged Fundamental Racial Equity Everyday. We represent many ​past and present […]


Living With An Attitude of Gratitude

Anita Manley, Mental Health Advocate, Public Speaker This is a story of how I became one of the FACES of Mental Illness in Canada. I enjoyed a happy and healthy childhood and was loved unconditionally by my adoptive parents, Teresa and Bill. In high school, I excelled in sports (swimming, water polo, soccer, tennis and […]


Black Trauma

I think it is very important that we highlight the trauma that Black people of all ages experience as a result of systemic anti-Black racism. This poem talks about the different experiences and perspectives that are impacted by this issue. As opposed to an angry perspective that we often see (and rightfully so) recent events […]


Robin & Jeremy: Stigma Doesn’t Stop Us

According to the Canadian Mental Health Association, by age forty, approximately fifty percent of the population will have experienced mental illness or injury. My husband, Jeremy, and I both made the cut. Both of our health issues stem from our work. While serving in Afghanistan in 2004, Jeremy contracted a parasite. In 2005, he was […]

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