Get Started – Today!

Get Started – Today!

Time and again the biggest hurdle that I see preventing clients from being successful with their health and fitness is just starting. There is this notion that we have to have it all figured out before we can begin – but the truth is, every step you take towards a healthy lifestyle improves your overall health!

Below are 5 simple, yet powerful health habits you can take action with today. Feeling overwhelmed by all 5? Start with one. Choose the one that speaks to you the most. Whatever way you choose, take action today – you’ll be glad you did

  1. Drink up!

Being well hydrated will improve your mental clarity, focus and overall energy levels – which means you’ll be less likely to reach for the caffeine and sugar mid-afternoon and may even be inspired to move a little more! Aim to drink 1 glass with each meal as well as another first thing and another mid- afternoon. Want something other than water? Plain sparkling water, herbal teas and even limited amounts of black coffee and tea are all great sources of hydration.

  1. Eat a rainbow.

Make your meals and snacks colorful with fruits and veggies. When you focus on eating a variety of fruits and veggies, you crowd out less healthy options and provide your body with a wide variety of nutrients, vitamins and fiber to keep you full and satisfied.

  1. Move more.

The evidence is mounting – our sedentary lives are hurting our health – and formal exercise is not the antidote, regular movement breaks are. Put an alarm on your desktop at work. Use an activity tracker on your phone or a steps tracker and aim to get up and move at least once per hour. These small bursts will not only help you get re-energized and focused, they add up to good health.

  1. Set a go to bed alarm.

If you’re like the majority of people, you’re not getting enough sleep. One of the biggest culprits is not getting to bed on time. Open your device right now and set a Go to Bed Alarm. If getting the optimal 7-8 hours per night feels like mission impossible, start by setting your alarm for 10-15 minutes earlier than you typically go to bed. Try that for a week. Once you’ve been successful, see if you can’t bump it another 10-15 minutes. Repeat until you are getting a better night’s rest. Important tip: when the alarm goes off, make sure you go to bed!

  1. Take 10 breaths.

When is the last time you simply took time out of your busy day to breathe? When I teach yoga, my students often tell me that the first time they’ve really noticed their breath all day is when they sit on the mat and I instruct them to bring their attention to it. The simple act of bringing your attention to your breath is a wonderful practice of mindfulness that you can do anywhere. Stop – close your eyes and take 5 deep belly breaths right now. Ahhh. You’re welcome!

Okay. There you go. Choose ONE practice to focus on – now is the perfect time.