Yoga Nidra

What it is and how you can benefit
Yoga nidra, or ‘yogic sleep’ as it’s commonly known, is a powerful meditation technique that looks like a nap. Practitioners lie in savasana or ‘corpse pose’ (which means you lay flat on your back) while going through the five layers of self to reach a state where the body is completely relaxed yet capable of increasing awareness of the inner world. A yoga nidra class will leave you with a strong sense of wholeness and relaxation.

Here are some reasons to try it out:

  1. If you’ve stayed away from yoga because of mobility issues, then you’re in luck. In yoga nidra, as long as you can lie on your back, you can do it. And even if that’s not possible for you, it can be modified to a seated position.
  2. The stages of yoga nidra take you through body scans and breathing awareness that really allow you to relax into your body and focus your mind away from daily stresses and anxiety. This leads to less stress and overall improved health.
  3. You can’t mess it up! There are no movements or poses to follow, and flexibility, strength and mobility are not assets in these classes.
  4. The deep relaxation created by yoga nidra improves the function of your nervous and endocrine systems. From hormone and mood balance to thyroid and muscle repair, virtually every aspect of our physical and mental health benefits from this practice.

Yoga nidra classes are available at most yoga studios and many gyms. You can also look for yoga nidra guided practices online or in CD format at your local library.