Words Save Lives: How I Saved A Life


When I was in elementary school, I was bullied for the way I looked, my academic scores, me not being able to run a full lap around the track; and I kept that in within me, not being able to share that with anyone as I was scared and embarrassed and that caused me to become insecure about myself. That really affected me mentally from an early age, downgrading my mind. I did not want to go to school anymore.

A speaker came to my elementary school to talk at an assembly, and he was talking about positivity; he mentioned helping people who were going through stress, anxiety, etc. I was really intrigued with what he was doing and his mission to spread positivity and kindness. That is when I started mentoring students who were going through tough times.

I was walking back to class from the washroom when I saw a student from our neighboring class sitting alone on the ground crying. I go up and sit beside him, not knowing who he is, and asked him what was wrong. I started a conversation, and he told me what was bothering him. I helped him by just talking and making him understand that I am here supporting him always. He them told me on that day he was about to commit suicide if he did not meet me and if no one handled him with care. That changed my life completely.

I didn’t want other students to go through what I went through, and I wanted students to have a person they can share their problems and come up with solutions with. I started helping people get through the negative thoughts and whatever they were going through and started spreading positive messages.

Meeting amazing people along my mentoring journey, I have learned a lot and continue to learn and become better everyday!


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