You Made It Through This


i know it’s hard right now. you’re trying to find a way when there seems there isn’t one. i know it’s difficult right now. you’re praying for better days. i know it’s a challenge right now. you’re trying not only to provide for yourself.  but for those who need you. i know it feels like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders but i promise things are going to get better. you won’t always have to struggle this way. you won’t always have to go through this. you are still strong. you have so much fight within you. you have made it through this before and you can make it through this again. keep trusting. keep believing. keep knowing you’re going to come out stronger than you were. you’re going to come out better than you were. i know you’re tired of being tired. i know you’re hurting. i know you’re feeling heavy. i know you’re feeling defeated. i know you’re tired of all the disappointments. i know you feel as if nobody sees you and how hard you’re trying. but i see you. i feel you. and i will be with you until you can find the strength to pick yourself back up again and fight through this. all of the problems, the struggles, the hardships, the issues and the pain you’re feeling right now you will heal from it. and even now you made it. you made it through this. you made it through that. you kept going and you didn’t give up. you found your strength and power. you persevered through the most painful situations and came out on top. you conquered through the most challenging circumstances and you won. you did it. you made it. 




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