Youth Council

Unsinkable Youth is a space for youth to share their story, cause & amplify what matters to them. In their voice, in their unique way.

Together, creating a community of support for mental health and wellbeing through real conversation.

North American Youth Council

The Unsinkable Youth Council is comprised of two groups of youth ages 12-14 and 15-23 from across Canada and the United States who are passionate about mental health, wellbeing and social advocacy. 

The Council has 2 pillars: Whole Health Support & Whole Health In Action. Benefiting members by providing them whole health support, resources and education while facilitating the opportunity to collaborate and make a difference with a highly motivated team of like-minded individuals.

Meet the Unsinkable Youth Council

Supervised & facilitated by one of Unsinkable’s Community Program Manager’s, the council is youth lead. Where council members have the opportunity to apply for leadership positions within council.

The council meets virtually every month (September - June) to:


Key Roles and Responsibilities

Interested in becoming a council member? Please visit us again in the spring to apply for the 2022-2023 school year.