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About Us

Unsinkable is a story-sharing platform hosted by four-time Olympian, Silken Laumann. Our mission is to connect and empower Canadians to achieve better mental, physical and spiritual health. Whether celebrity, neighbour, youth or health expert; our stories hold wisdom and power. We are creating a connected community to empower Canadians on their journey to greatness. Together, we are Unsinkable.

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“I have learned we are never alone in our struggles, and through the darkest of times, the light comes from sharing our stories and our wisdom.”

Silken Laumann

Olympian, Inspirational Speaker and Author

Thriving in the face of adversity

“My name is Ashley Rose Murphy and I’m in my third year of university. I’m just like most young women my age. I have a boyfriend, my little brother can be a pain sometimes, and I love music and movies. But trust me, just like you, I have my own struggles. There is one thing about me that you couldn’t guess just by looking at me. I’m HIV positive. Let me explain…”

Ashley Murphy


Forgiveness & Understanding defeat mental health stigma

“I was a great mom, in spite of my bipolar, or maybe because of it. I loved to play, I was real with my kids – and if I cried, I cried. I couldn’t have had more beautiful children who totally understood. Forgiveness and understanding sheds light where light needs to be, and it takes away the judgement.”

Margaret Trudeau


Stronger than fire

“Out of nowhere, my friend went inside and came back out with a bottle of gas. So quickly, with no time to say anything, she poured the gas onto the lit fire, causing an explosion. The stream of gas caught, which lit the bottle on fire. Out of instinct, she threw the bottle and it covered me in gas. It was a really hectic and terrifying night, and the details will never leave my mind. Here is my story.”

Hana Engel