Community Champions

Tracy Hall

Tracy Hall

Role: Manager of Community Support

Our Champs are more than just the face and voice of Unsinkable. They are advocates and mutual partners in bettering mental health spaces. 

And what excites me about the Community Champions Program is together we can motivate individuals while being an example for other organizations.

Meet our Community Champions



We believe in the power of story sharing and supporting mental, physical and spiritual health. Taking care of our mind, body and soul, makes anything possible. If you do, too, we should talk.

We’re here to amplify our Community Champions’ stories, causes and connect them with members of our community. We are looking for Community Champions who want to share their ideas, insights and support our brand and initiatives. Our aim is to help support you and your passions while inspiring our community with your voice.

Interested in being a Community Champion? Please complete the form below and we will get back to you.